Arjumand Rauf

Arjumand Rauf – Pakistani Social & Youth Activist

Arjumand Rauf is an enthusiastic Pakistani Social & Youth Activist that advocates the rights of the young generation on the national level.

Arjumand was born in Rojhan; district Rajan pur, Punjab Pakistan.

He completed his Masters in Business Administration from Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan.

He considers Qasim Ali Shah as his mentor and got certification from his as well.

From the past several years, he is actively working as a motivational speaker and has been involved in youth activities.

This young man is an ambassador of peace, spreading his positivity through social media.

Arjumand is working at multiple levels in conjunction with different welfare organizations.

Abdul Sattar Edhi

He lives by the ambition of making Pakistan a better place for the young generation.

According to him, education plays a vital role in a prosperous future.

He believes in improving the educational standards of Govt. schools and

colleges and providing excellent facilities to all students without any discrimination.

This young Pakistani has many dreams and works dedicatedly for their completion.

Among tons of ability, Arjumand is a miraculous event manager and organizer.

He has arranged multiple awareness sessions, seminars, and training sessions.

In addition to that, he is a man of great morals and ethics. He is known for his helpful and friendly personality.

Arjumand believes that investing in the young generation is the only assurance of a bright future.

“Do whatever is in your power to achieve your goal. No matter how big or small, don’t stop putting effort. Be your hero and an inspiration for the upcoming generations’’ – Arjumand Rauf

Arjumand Rauf

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