Ateeq Afridi

Ateeq Afridi – Social Activist & Founder of Acts of Kindness Pakistan

Ateeq Afridi is a benevolent Pakistani working as a social activist for the welfare of his country.

Ateeq belongs to Kohat and completed his degree from FAST NUCES as an Electrical Engineer.

He initiated his journey by working with multiple youth organizations

and ended up with the idea of making his own social organization.

His organization Acts Of Kindness Pakistan extended from 6 members

to 5000+ volunteers encompassing 30 cities within 4 years.

He faced a lot of difficulties in his professional career but he

stood by his motive and faced the entire crisis courageously.

Abdul Sattar Edhi

Ateeq and his team is working on different projects and reached

to several milestones by consistent achievements.

One of these achievements is the effectual execution of Ramadan Meherban Food Drive

for 4 consecutive years from 2016 to 2019 through which thousands of poor people were fed.

MedKhidmat is one of these milestones in which his team arranged 36 Medical Camps

and focused on providing free medicine and medical facilities in rural areas

Ateeq Contribution

Ateeq also contributed to hospitals by providing wheelchairs and other medical equipment

free of cost to deserving individuals in the memory of Sir Edhi.

His team also sponsored treatment of many cancer patients,

orphan’s weddings and education of the less fortunate.

Ateeq and his team is also working on Thalassemia awareness and

arrange Blood Donation Camps for Thalassemia Kids and donate blood in emergencies.

Nadia Bibi Sarwar

Ateeq and his team keeps performing random Acts Of Kindness like

celebrating birthdays of team members in orphanages and old homes,

cleanliness drives, and spending times with orphans and street childrens.

This young leader has been granted several awards as a tribute to his consistent efforts and noble services.

“What Are You Doing for Others is the most resolute and critical question of life’’- Ateeq Afridi

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