Anum Shakeel

Anum Shakeel – Young Pakistani Social Entrepreneur

Anum Shakeel is an enthusiastic social entrepreneur activist who believes in youth empowerment.

Anum belongs to Pakistan’s business hub, Karachi, and graduated from the University of Karachi with a gold medal.

She earned her name in the chronicles of history after this spectacular achievement

and continued to convey her message beyond measures.

For the vision of youth empowerment,

she established a club to bridge the gap between academia and industry named

“The Marketects Club” which has been making inroads for the past 9 years.

Nadia Bibi Sarwar

Anum Shakeel Work Life

She has trained & mentored more than 10,000 students about the 21st-century skills and the corporate world via this club.

Anum has been featured by national & international media several times

due to her passion and consistent efforts as a youth activist.

Along with that, she has played a crucial role in the startup ecosystem of Pakistan

as a founding board member at “Momentum Tech Conference”.

As a project head for this leading Startups Conference & Exhibition,

she worked on PR campaigns for over 200 startups, including providing mentorship and advancing innovative paradigms.

Furthermore, she has worked with leading global companies, accelerators, incubators & investors in Pakistan

Zymal Umer

to boost up the startup ecosystem in Pakistan and the Middle East region.

Anum, as a youth advocate, does a lot of social service to help others in need.

Her latest efforts were contributions to the Greener and Literate Pakistan

program recognized by Commissioner Karachi and Governor Sindh.

Internationally she has been recognized as the Mentor from Asia to WEDU Global, Ambassador to World Pulse, and Global Shaper – Karachi Hub.

Anum believes that promoting women’s empowerment can revolutionize the future of our society.

She conveys the message that everything is possible if you believe in yourself.

Her audacious zeal to transform the lives of people and communities

has earned her the revered title of Top 5 Inspirational Women in Pakistan by the WoW community.

“Have the resilience to continue your dreams and acknowledge that success requires consistent efforts and resolution, trust, and confidence”- Anum Shakeel

Anum Shakeel

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  1. Ehsan Iqbal

    She is the True Iron Lady of Pakistan. She is Inspirational, a Strong Character and Change Agent of 21st Century for Pakistani Academia.

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