Zymal Umer

Zymal Umer – Young Pakistani Social Entrepreneur

Zymal Umer – Young Pakistani Social Entrepreneur & Inspirational Story of Young Pakistani Superstar.

Zymal Umer is a 13 year old Young Social Entrepreneur of Pakistan.

She is playing her part in removing the dump waste from the country.

It was unbearable for her to see large Plastic bags dumped in her hometown, Sargodha, Pakistan.

So she decided to make bags out of Newspapers as this seemed one of the options

to her which can reduce plastic pollution since paper is recyclable.

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She makes these bags in her home with the help of her cousins

and makes them only on her weekends or on holidays as she has to handle her studies too during working days.

She has a company named Zee Bags and uses this platform to sell these paper bags.

Zymal has sold as much as $5000 worth of bags as of now.

She also donates her income to an Organization named SOS village, which looks after Orphaned Children.

Zymal says that she wants to become a business Woman and also wants to expand her work not only in Pakistan,but also on international level.

She received a Children’s Pioneer Award in 2015 in a competition run by Prince Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia.

She has also visited US and appeared as a motivational Speaker.

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.” Zymal Umer

Young Pakistani Social Entrepreneur
Zymal Umer -Young Pakistani Social Entrepreneur – Shehryar Pakistani


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