Farhan Wilayat

Farhan Wilayat – Young Pakistani Humanitarian

Farhan Wilayat is a peace activist who has worked on multiple projects in various regions of Pakistan including Sindh, Punjab, and Baluchistan.

One such project was the Sindh Water Relief where he provided clean water

by installing hand pumps and constructing water-wells in the villages of interior Sindh.

Farhan also distributed sewing machines to widows so that they can earn their income and be independent.

In addition to that, he provided wheelchairs to disabled people for social and developmental growth.

Abdul Sattar Edhi

He also raised his voice for women’s inheritance, education and marriage rights and to stop unlawful customs, like honour killing, dowry, wani and karo kari.

As a peace activist, he arranged many peace trips and tours all around

Pakistan to create peace and harmony among different religions.

Farhan also conducted interviews of many prominent minority figures

with a similar motive of creating peace among people having contrasting religious beliefs.

Along with that, Short Theater performances were also conducted to reduce religious extremism, racial intolerance and sectarian violence.

Zymal Umer

In 2017, Farhan expanded his continental network from Pakistan to Africa and started ration distribution in Nigeria.

Narayanpura Water Relief Project

In the Narayanpura Water Relief Project, he helped the Hindu colony of Karachi by the installation of water-coolers and water-filters in Hindu temples.

Farhan’s miraculous efforts are recognized on national as well as international level.

Multiple awards as an appreciation given to him for his voluntarily working.

  • Gusi Peace Prize (Philippines),
  • Kentucky Colonel Commission (USA),
  • Nigerian Peace Award (Nigeria),
  • SATHA Innovation Award (Italy),
  • PMF Peace Prize (India).

During Emergency Crisis 2020, he helped people suffering from hunger

and financial constraints by the distribution of ration bags in Pakistan and Myanmar.

We should must realize for what we are in this world. Forgetting your selfish interests at times when others need your help

by extending unconditional love to each and every living being on Earth is the real form of Humanity. – Farhan Wilayat

Farhan Wilayat Story


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