Shazia Parveen

Shazia Parveen – First Female Fire Fighter of Pakistan

Shazia Parveen is the first female firefighter of Pakistan and possibly, of Asia as well.

She belongs to Vehari district of Punjab, Pakistan.

Shazia joined as a firefighter in the Rescue 1122 services in 2010.

But this wasn’t that easy for her, to just step out and stop the fires across the town.

She had to go through extensive training in Punjab Emergency Service Lahore.

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“Amongst the 600 people there, I was the only woman who completed the training.”

Jump, fight fire, climbing up the roofs with ropes were all part of her training.

It was her dream to have a job like that. So when the female department of 1122 services opened,

it was, in a way, a dream came true for her.

Describing her ecstasy, she said: “I was told during the training that I would become the first lady firefighter of Asia,

which made me extremely jubilant and it was like my dream had come true.”

As a female worker, her work is also being acknowledged and appreciated by his male counter-parts.

“Life takes on meaning when you become motivated, Set goals and charge after them in an unstoppable manner.” Shazia Parveen

Shazia Parveen

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